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Seasons Column May 2019 - Supporting fragile peace in South Sudan

My column in the March issue of Seasons covered highlights of my time in Egypt and Israel in January with the Minister of Defence and NZDF personnel. We were there...

Government’s flaky KiwiBuild scheme crumbling

The Government’s flagship housing policy has been flaky from the outset, and is now collapsing. Housing Minister Phil Twyford has finally admitted that he won’t reach his target of 1000...

Firearms changes appropriate response by Parliament

Last month’s terrible massacre in Christchurch horrified us all and, as a result, it is appropriate changes were made to our firearms legislation to try to prevent any similar act...

Newsletter - April 2019

Seasons Column April 2019 - A Nation Mourns

The horrific massacre that shattered Christchurch on 15 March sent shockwaves through every corner of New Zealand. It caused unbearable grief for victims, their families and others in the vicinity,...