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The Government’s flagship housing policy has been flaky from the outset, and is now collapsing.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford has finally admitted that he won’t reach his target of 1000 homes built in the first year. In fact, according to the Prime Minister, we shouldn’t measure the progress of KiwiBuild at all and just trust that there will miraculously be 100,000 homes ready to go in ten years’ time.

This is from the same Prime Minister who said, ‘what gets measured gets done’.

Clearly that’s only when it suits them because they’ve also dropped the health and Better Public Services targets which ensured the Government was accountable for the services they delivered to New Zealanders.

Targets keep a Government honest. Among the targets this Government has so far scrapped are: reducing long-term welfare dependency, reducing serious crime, improving the way the Government interacts with the public, having mothers registered with a lead maternity provider, reducing the rates of children who are hospitalised, and now how quickly it will deliver its houses. 

The Government created an expectation New Zealanders were going to get access to a significantly subsidised first home but that’s not happening. Not only are they struggling to build the houses, those they are building are too expensive.

Labour spent years in Opposition talking about its solution to New Zealand’s housing woes. We’re not denying that there was a problem – under National we were in the middle of a record residential building boom to deal with it.

But KiwiBuild isn’t delivering the types of homes first home buyers want which explains the woeful uptake.  Labour campaigned on delivering 100,000 homes in 10 years. But if they can’t organise 1000 homes in one year, who believes they’ll achieve 100,000 over 10?

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