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Climate change is one of the world’s most serious environmental challenges, and the National Party is committed to ensuring New Zealand plays its part.


A century from now, I’m sure we all want our grandchildren to be living in a New Zealand that remains the envy of the world, because of its stunning natural environment as well as its prosperity.


Recently we announced that we’ll work with other parties to establish an independent Climate Change Commission. 


We want to find practical, evidence-based solutions to climate change that won’t harm our economy or drive up the cost of living for New Zealanders.


National has always been the party of practical environmentalists and we’ve made good progress on climate change recently – but we need to do more. 


The previous National Government signed New Zealand up to the Paris agreement with the challenge of reducing emissions to 30 per cent less than 2005 levels by 2030.


There are now as many new electric vehicles in New Zealand each year as there have been in Australia, ever.


Since 2008 our greenhouse gas emissions have fallen, despite a growing economy and population increases. 


Now we need to shrink emissions even further.  Getting a cross-party agreement will be challenging and require compromises. There will be a continuing debate about specific policy choices to reduce emissions. 


We’re committed to taking a pragmatic, science-based approach; utilising innovation and technology; getting the right incentives to drive long-term change, and acting as part of a global response.


A sustainable, pristine environment and a strong economy that creates jobs and lifts incomes can and must go hand in hand. 

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